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Creative Range

Fish Sculpture On Stand

The reclaimed teak woods are found in a variety of different shapes and sizes that lend themselves to being used creatively to create interesting designs and sculptures.

In this fish sculpture you will see the fine carving details of the fins, scales and the shape of the tail. Natural gaps and features are left in the wood to preserve its natural beauty and uniqueness.

Resin Filled Stool

The blue coloured resin is filled into the natural gaps in reclaimed teak roots and cut into a block shape.  The colour collision of wood and blue resin expresses a sense of our plant earth. 

Driftwood Wall Art Decor

At first glance, it's different, it's eye catching, it's beautiful. But the more you look at it, the more you start to wonder about all the work and patience it took from  collecting, cutting and fitting the pieces together in such creative and clever manner. 

What our customer have said

The pictures on the website don't show the true beauty of the products. From the moment I enquired.about the gold lined bowl teak desire have been so helpful sending pictures of different bowls so I could choose the one I liked. Fantastic customer service

Angela Hofacher

Beautiful bowl bought for my birthday. Highly recommend if you want something special

Susan Legge

I bought a 40cm teak root ball and am delighted with it. I sent an email to enquire as to the actual ones they had in stock and they sent me lots of photos of those available.

Great product, great service and it arrived super quick to boot.

Sandra Elmes

Great Products, Fast reply, wonderful customer service 5/5

Saya Chan

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